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Wedding Spotlight – Kate Spade Planner

hi guys and dolls!

So it’s been ages and ages since we had a Wedding post, but when I spotted this on My Shining Armour, I knew it deserved a post all to itself 😍

This, is the Kate Spade Wedding planner. And I want to get married again just so I could use it! It’s so fab! It’s a gorgeous colour and the perfect size! 

 Anyone newly engaged, go get it! It’s available from My Shining Armour – here

Happy Shopping💙



Wedded Wednesday – Put on your Dancing Shoes!

Happy Wedded Wednesday ladies!

I hope you are all in planning bliss!

To make sure your lovely little toes stay in bliss for the whole of your wedding day, it’s very important to get yourself a super pretty pair of flats for all of the dancing!

These beauties are all from ASOS (the true God of online shopping 🙊)

How gorgeous would your feet be in these?!



Happy Shopping beauties


Wedded Wednesday – Kate Spade 

Happy Wedded Wednesday lovelies! I hope everyone is having a fab week and enjoying the good weather! Kate Spade has been a firm favourite of mine for quite a while now. I just love everything about the brand. They cover clothing, shoes, accessories, even fabulous stationery 😍

There’s also a whole section of Bridal pieces! These are some of my favourite bits…

You can find all of these and much, much more here.

Happy Shopping!




Red is the colour..

Hi ladies!

I had a reader looking for Red Maxi dresses. Not a very common colour for Summer, but there are some out there. I managed to find these beauties. As usual, ASOS was my first stop. Love these!! 




Now granted, this isn’t a Maxi, but I loved the detail so I just had to include this Lavish Alice beauty in the mix.  


Finally, a gorgeous piece from Virgos Lounge.  


Happy Shopping


Wedded Wednesday – Tiffany Love

There’s nothing prettier than a piece of bling presented in that Tiffany Blue Box. I’m obsessed with the Tiffany & Co logo, it’s just iconic, and I think secretly, every girl wants a piece in her jewellery box. What better time to get some new, keep-forever, jewellery than on the morning of your wedding. It’s lovely to get something, however simple or small, just so you can keep it forever to remind you of that special day. 

Now husbands-to-be are all great and handsome and super smart, yadda yadda, however, if there is something that you really want to get on the morning of your wedding, then you might want to drop some hints 🙊

Luckily for us, the Tiffany website provides just that service!! You can actually send a hint to your hubby-to-be about anything that takes your fancy!

Check it out here!

These are some gorgeous pieces for inspiration, AND there’s a serious price range, so there should be something available for everyone.  


Happy lusting ladies


Wedded Wednesday – Jimmy Choo I love you!

What girl wouldn’t love a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo shoes on her feet as she struts up the aisle?!

They are a dream wedding shoe, and sadly out of reach for the majority of brides, but hey-we can dream, right?

Up first is the Fayme. Adore. Just one word, adore.   

Next is the Marion. I love the silk, they are just so elegant! 

The Luna are seriously glamorous with their gold finish, and they aren’t too high, so dancing the night away should be no problem! 

The Lang bring the term ‘strappy sandal’ to a new level! There is something so Hollywood about these, I love them!

And last, but certainly not least, are the Vision – and you certainly would be a ‘vision’ in these beauties! They are just so fab.  


Happy dreaming ladies (and if the credit card allows it, buying😜)



Wedded Wednesday – Snacks for the Car

So the big day has finally arrived, your ceremony is over, and you are en route to your reception…then BANG! Absolute Starvation. And not just your new hubbie!! The morning of your wedding will be wonderful, but it will also be one that is full of nerves. Some brides can eat full breakfasts before they walk down the aisle, but most brides just don’t have the stomach to eat much on the morning (it’s REALLY important that you DO eat something though-fainting at the top of the aisle isn’t a great look!). Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a snack in the car for afterwards! I would recommend something dry, and very light coloured – avoid chocolate- you will be wearing white, and it WILL be get on you! Perhaps a biscuit bar, I love the Belvita ones, but there are loads out there (you can forget your no-carbs diet for today ☺️). Make sure you also have some water, as you will be thirsty. Remember to put snacks in your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s cars too, it’s a nice touch, and they will appreciate it. 

Happy planning ladies!


Wedded Wednesday – ASOS the Day After

Hi Ladies

Happy Wedded Wednesday!

Today I’m all about the Day After outfits from ASOS

I’ve raved about ASOS before, and I literally still cannot rave enough about them. Whatever you want, whenever you want it-ASOS will have it!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, and the all important question of what to wear the day after your wedding… I’m a big advocate of wearing white/ivory again, and that’s what I’ve focussed on today. From my point of view, you will only be a bride once, so you should relish everything that comes with it for as long as possible! Getting another day of wearing all white is definitely one thing that I loved.  

So whatever you’ve got planned for the day after, take a look at the below and hopefully you will find the perfect one!



Happy planning,


Wedded Wednesday – What To Wear The Morning Of

Picture the scene ladies, the big day has arrived, everyone is smiling and supping on champers. Hair and Makeup is being perfected and everyone is laughing and having fun. 

What are you wearing though?

You won’t be hanging around your house/hotel room in your wedding dress – that is for sure!

You will need something comfortable but pretty to wear while you are getting ready. This goes for Bridesmaids and Moms too!

It’s really important to remember your beautiful hair and makeup too…there’s no point in spending hours getting ready, only to have a struggle to get a hoodie over your head afterwards!

I would recommend loose tops – it will be warm no matter what time of the year(just think a room full of hairdryers!), and you do not want to be a sweaty mess before you’ve even got your dress on!

Make sure the top can be pulled down, and that it doesn’t need to go over your head. 

Remember to put something on your feet too – just not something that will rub off your tan! Socks are a no no!

I love the idea of dressing gowns, there are loads of options out there, but these personalised ones are just gorgeous!

Image from  

Loose fitting bottoms are also a must – again for the tan lines!

What about a loose fitting playsuit? It can button off, and you will look cute for the house photos. 

Remember your photographer will be wherever you are getting ready too, so it’s good to be prepared. 

That’s all for this week. 

Happy planning ladies!