Wedded Wednesday – Jimmy Choo I love you!

What girl wouldn’t love a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo shoes on her feet as she struts up the aisle?!

They are a dream wedding shoe, and sadly out of reach for the majority of brides, but hey-we can dream, right?

Up first is the Fayme. Adore. Just one word, adore.   

Next is the Marion. I love the silk, they are just so elegant! 

The Luna are seriously glamorous with their gold finish, and they aren’t too high, so dancing the night away should be no problem! 

The Lang bring the term ‘strappy sandal’ to a new level! There is something so Hollywood about these, I love them!

And last, but certainly not least, are the Vision – and you certainly would be a ‘vision’ in these beauties! They are just so fab.  


Happy dreaming ladies (and if the credit card allows it, buying😜)



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