Wedded Wednesday – Snacks for the Car

So the big day has finally arrived, your ceremony is over, and you are en route to your reception…then BANG! Absolute Starvation. And not just your new hubbie!! The morning of your wedding will be wonderful, but it will also be one that is full of nerves. Some brides can eat full breakfasts before they walk down the aisle, but most brides just don’t have the stomach to eat much on the morning (it’s REALLY important that you DO eat something though-fainting at the top of the aisle isn’t a great look!). Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a snack in the car for afterwards! I would recommend something dry, and very light coloured – avoid chocolate- you will be wearing white, and it WILL be get on you! Perhaps a biscuit bar, I love the Belvita ones, but there are loads out there (you can forget your no-carbs diet for today ☺️). Make sure you also have some water, as you will be thirsty. Remember to put snacks in your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s cars too, it’s a nice touch, and they will appreciate it. 

Happy planning ladies!


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