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Spa Day at the Brehon

Hi dolls!

So it’s been aaages since I’ve posted anything, we’ve been very busy bees moving house and getting ready for baby’s arrival! I’ll be back writing regularly again now, I promise👌🏼

Last Saturday we spent a fab day in the Angsana Spa at the Brehon in Killarney. I had been there many times before, but never to use the Spa. Ladies, you certainly will not be disappointed, as it is fab!!🙌🏼   

 We started off in the gorgeous warm Vitality pool, it was like a bath, just divine, so relaxing. There was also a Herb Sauna, Crystal Steam Room, Tropical Rain Showers and an Ice Fountain.  

 We were then taken away to the relaxation room to wait for our treatments, a gorgeous dark room with very comfy chairs and very lovely blankets. We were served tea while we waited. From here we were taken for our treatments. I had the Deep Marine Purifying Facial. It was perfect for my oily skin. It was also one of the most divine relaxing facials that I have ever had! The therapist was just fantastic!

After the treatment was over, we returned to the relaxation room where we had fruit juice or tea, and melon and orange. It was so refreshing!

Everything was really lovely, even the attention to detail in the changing rooms was spot on.  

 I will most definitely be returning, and I would definitely recommend to a friend. 

Check out The Brehon Website for offers and bookings. 

Happy Relaxing!



Dirty Thirty, not all that bad!

So guys if you haven’t already noticed, I turned thirty recently! Now seeing that I’m preggers, I decided not to have a big party, but multiple smaller celebrations. I have to say, it’s been brilliant☺️

I was absolutely dreading this birthday, I just felt that I was getting so old. Everyone seems to panic as the big 3-0 looms, there’s a lot of pressure to have done so much by thirty, whether it’s travel, work, a house or family. I think it’s important just to sit back, and enjoy the celebration itself. You won’t turn thirty twice, and I have to say, it’s been like turning 21 again, with better shoes 😂

I’ve had a dinner out, a day on Cape Clear, a gorgeous tea party, lunch out and a Spa day with afternoon tea on Saturday-this is the best birthday ever! 





I got such lovely cards, flowers and gifts and my favourite, helium balloons!! I’m such a child, but I love them😂 

I have the best family and friends ever, I’m a very lucky girl☺️😘


Thirty is actually a lovely birthday, it’s a milestone, and should deffo be celebrated. I heard a very apt one liner covering turning thirty…

‘As -0- birthdays go, it’s not a bad one’

Anyone else hitting the big 3-0 soon? What did you do to celebrate?

Enjoy xoxo

Things I don’t need, but I want anyway…River Island edit

We’ve all been there ladies, the internal agonising struggle, I want this, but I don’t need it, and really I should keep my money for stuff I do need. Like paying for electricity (thanks hubby, you’re the best🙊).

Sometimes though you just need to buy whatever ridiculous thing it is that you want (but you can’t afford) and just enjoy it. 

With that in mind, here’s some bits I deffo do not need, but that I really want..

This week they’re all River Island lusts😘 


Wedded Wednesday – Snacks for the Car

So the big day has finally arrived, your ceremony is over, and you are en route to your reception…then BANG! Absolute Starvation. And not just your new hubbie!! The morning of your wedding will be wonderful, but it will also be one that is full of nerves. Some brides can eat full breakfasts before they walk down the aisle, but most brides just don’t have the stomach to eat much on the morning (it’s REALLY important that you DO eat something though-fainting at the top of the aisle isn’t a great look!). Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a snack in the car for afterwards! I would recommend something dry, and very light coloured – avoid chocolate- you will be wearing white, and it WILL be get on you! Perhaps a biscuit bar, I love the Belvita ones, but there are loads out there (you can forget your no-carbs diet for today ☺️). Make sure you also have some water, as you will be thirsty. Remember to put snacks in your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s cars too, it’s a nice touch, and they will appreciate it. 

Happy planning ladies!


40 Days Without Shopping- The End

Finally after the longest time ever, it’s over! I’m currently in between a chocolate and a shopping induced coma. 😊 I’m back trawling through my favourite sites munching on Easter eggs. Bliss.
Some things I have learned:
1. I have will power (as long as I’m not physically in a shop)
2. I use shopping as an emotional crutch
3. I’m completely addicted to shopping

Overall though, I’m quite proud of myself. I didn’t think I would last anywhere near as long as I did. 2 slip ups in that much time would have been unthinkable only a few months ago.

To top it all off, Miss Selfridge have an up to 30% off all dresses sale on right now!!

Thanks for following me on this journey, and make sure you come back to often to see what I’m up to!

Until next time, Happy Easter!


40 Days Without Shopping – Day 41

Oh my God where have the last 16 days gone?!
So I’m doing ok!!
I had a breakout in Penneys on Day 33, but I haven’t worn anything that I bought yet-so does that count? Nah I know I’m kidding myself, so I’ve decided to keep going until Easter Sunday – who knew that lent was actually 46 days?! I didn’t, but then again I’ve never actually given up anything for lent that I really cared about. Shopping though is different. It’s an innate part of me. It makes me happy, makes my heart race and it puts a smile on my face.
In the interim, I’ve been working out. I’m also on a Fitness Challenge for Lent, so that has really helped take my mind off the shopping. I’m now spending my usual shopping time checking out new fitness trends and tasty healthy menus!

Saying that, I’m really looking forward to Sunday, and am totally going to treat myself to something new…just what is the question 😊

Until next time,

New Style on the Block

Happy St Patrick’s Day!
Today was just fabulous, bright blue sky and decidedly warmer than last week. We climbed Cardiac Hill in Killarney this morning, it was stunning. In town, the streets were full of people dressed in green, children in buggies with balloons and of course lots and lots of people having drinks – what a pity that tomorrow is Wednesday! To that effect, I’m back on the couch browsing the constant influx of new pieces into pretty much every store (but not buying🙊 next instalment of my #40DaysWithoutShopping is coming soon).
Here are some new pieces from River Island

Happy Browsing😜

40 Days Without Shopping- Day 25

I find myself using every excuse possible to just buy something. It’s my sisters birthday today and of course I had to buy her a present, but never have I taken so much pleasure in buying someone else a gift. As I get out of my car my heart starts to race. The closer I get to the shop, the bigger the smile gets on my face. I look like a lunatic and there are butterflies in my tummy. Seriously what is wrong with me?! At this stage it’s not even the length of the shopping ban, it’s more the idea that I’m not allowed do something, so therefore I want to do it even more. This reminds me of my 16 year old self smoking behind my parents back. Half the reason I did it was because of the buzz of ‘maybe getting caught’. The high I get from shopping is strange. Exciting and calming all at once. Maybe it’s a drug?

Until next time shopaholics,


40 Days Without Shopping – Day 20

So yesterday I had a slip up. Not just a small slip up, a massive one! 😭
I was in Manchester with the girls on a hen party, and the shopping was just too good. Now I didn’t buy anything too frivolous, just some essentials (MAC and River Island😂) However, I have picked myself up, dusted myself off, and am back on the No Shopping road.
I am disappointed, but it just goes to show that we are all human (and that I’m seriously addicted to shopping!!).
The girls are trying to console me with the fact that it was a Sunday, and apparently Sunday’s don’t count??! I’m not so sure about that!!
Wish me luck for the rest of my sentence…20 more days.

Until next time!


40 Days Without Shopping – Day 16

Well ladies, I’m not far off the half way mark! The time is going surprisingly quickly, although the last week was particularly tough. I’ve been at home sick, hence the very sparse blogging, and we all know there is only so much day time TV you can watch! So this week I really REALLY was tempted. I stuck it out though, although I have started a wish list of some fabulous pieces, for once the 40 Days are up😂

This weekend will be a super test, I’m off to Manchester for my friends Hen, and I’m told that the shopping is divine!

Here are a few things that I am currently dreaming of…all from Lavish Alice

Until next time