Picture the scene: It’s a stunningly beautiful sunny day in the paradise that is the Dominican Republic. The turquoise waves are lapping off the white powdery sand. Palm trees stand tall along the beach as if a defence for the resort. There is a yogilates class just starting on the beach and I decide to give it a go. Now I am really not one for just ‘joining in’ on holidays. I like to sit by the pool or the beach sipping a coctail, reading my book or online shopping(as long as the wifi is good 😂) but this just looked like a bit of fun and something different.
The yoga instructor and all the other students were 50+…so I thought to myself ‘I’ll be brilliant at this’ #FamousLastWords …now I wasn’t terrible, I just wasn’t great, and it turns out that I’m not in as good shape as I thought I was. That’s ok though – it’s January, most of the country are in the same boat. Long story short, even though I was all arms and legs all over the place, I actually really enjoyed it. So that was day one on my yoga journey. I attended the class most days for the rest of my holiday, and who knows what will happen now I’m home!
#yogilates might just start trending!


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