New Year, New Resolution

Happy New Year everyone!

I rang in 2015 in Dingle with my lovely husband and lots of our friends. It really seemed like the whole world was there, and a few famous faces too (I swear we weren’t stalking them!!). Dingle never disappoints, from the food, to the pubs, to the crowd, it’s always a great spot.

As for my resolutions… Well this year I am going to be 30, so I really want to just enjoy the last year of my 20s and have loads of laughs (they assure me that life doesn’t stop once you turn the big 3-0!!).
Last year we got married, so it was pretty hectic, so I am looking forward to this year being a little calmer…!
I also started blogging last year, it’s been a little nerve wracking as I really feel like I’ve got my heart on my sleeve, but I am really enjoying it, so I’m going to do lots more blogging too!

Finally, I’m going to lower my cholesterol….sad but true! 😂😂

I hope you had a great New Years, wherever you were.

Happy 2015 guys!!