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Pregnancy Essentials – Molly Jeans

Hi ladies

This is the first of my Pregnancy Essentials posts. I’ll use these posts to share anything that I’ve found helpful during my own pregnancy. 

First of all, you will start expanding. I know, it’s brilliant and horrifying all at the same time. All you can do is try and look your best while it’s happening!

Molly Jeans are an absolute essential in my book, ladies! They are a great fit for before you start to expand, and they will be your best friend as you do start to grow. They are so comfy, stretchy, and they are mid waisted, the perfect combo! If you’re early on, buy them in your normal size, you will get months out of them, and they will be brilliant afterwards too! If you are half ways along, get them in one size up. 

These are my favourites, and all are available here from River Island. 



Happy Shopping!


My Favourite Jeans

Happy Sunday everyone!

Every lady needs at least one pair of fabulous jeans. They are so easy to style and perfect for this time of year with boots.

River Island have the best jeans that I have ever come across at the moment!
They are the Amelie Reform Superskinny Jeans. I now own 3 pairs – and I literally live in them! They never lose their shape, so they are as fitted last thing at night as they were first thing in the morning – result!!
They’re also mid rise, so they are super comfy. At €50 a pair they are not too steep either, so go forth and purchase ladies, and enjoy!

Claire xoxo