Mom Update!

Hey guys and gals!

So as you may have noticed, there’s been radio silence on the blog for a while now…due to the arrival of our gorgeous bundle of joy, Jack. 

Being a Mom is so rewarding, but man is it busy! Everyone tells you that ‘life will never be the same’ and ‘enjoy your free time before the baby arrives’, and yes, they are so right! But, what nobody tells you, is that you won’t care! Yea, life is never the same, but you wouldn’t want it to be. This tiny baby is now a part of your family, and you have absolutely no idea what you did before them! As for the free time, at the start, yes, certainly we felt like there was zero free time, and any time that we managed to grab, we wanted to sleep! A few months in though, and things just sort of fall into place, and there’s now time to do pretty much all of the things we used to do in our spare time. 

Everyday we seem to be learning something new, and it’s all very exciting. 

Until next time,



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