40 Days Without Shopping- Day 25

I find myself using every excuse possible to just buy something. It’s my sisters birthday today and of course I had to buy her a present, but never have I taken so much pleasure in buying someone else a gift. As I get out of my car my heart starts to race. The closer I get to the shop, the bigger the smile gets on my face. I look like a lunatic and there are butterflies in my tummy. Seriously what is wrong with me?! At this stage it’s not even the length of the shopping ban, it’s more the idea that I’m not allowed do something, so therefore I want to do it even more. This reminds me of my 16 year old self smoking behind my parents back. Half the reason I did it was because of the buzz of ‘maybe getting caught’. The high I get from shopping is strange. Exciting and calming all at once. Maybe it’s a drug?

Until next time shopaholics,