Thank You! has now reached 4,000 hits. To say I am proud, happy, delighted is an understatement. When I started writing this blog I wondered would anyone actually read it, and if I’m honest I still wonder, but people (you!) are reading it, and it’s great! I’m delighted! Writing is something I love doing, English used to be my best subject in school, and I loved the creative writing the most. I hadn’t written anything for years, but after my wedding, I found I had more spare time, and wanted a project to get involved in. I had been mulling the idea of a blog over for a few months, even before the wedding, but there was way too much going on at the time to really give it some serious consideration. So, late last October, I sat down with my Hubbie and said right, off the top of my head I can think of 10 things right now I want to write about, and he said go for it. That was the encouragement I needed. That was a Sunday evening, and by that night I had setup and the facebook page, and written the first post. Anyway, here we are, 4 months later and I am proudly writing a Thank You for helping me to reach 4,000 hits.
Here’s to the next 4,000!


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