Re-wear Recycle

Are you convinced you need to have a new outfit for every night out?

Do you stress over who may have seen you in an outfit before, and how many pictures of said outfit are already all over Facebook?

Are you absolutely broke from buying clothes you only wear once, and are then filling up your wardrobe?

This is something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about. There seems to be so much pressure on people to have a different outfit for absolutely every night out. To me, a €50 dress is not disposable, and I really need to get over this wear-it-once way of life. I have made a conscious effort this year to re-wear clothes. I know we are only in February, but so far I am doing ok. I’ve had several nights out, and been on honeymoon, and I have only bought one new going out dress. Everything else has been worn before.

We can do so much to an outfit to make it look completely different, whether it’s changing the jewellery or shoes going with it, cutting the length, changing your hair, the possibilities are endless.

So, going forward, expect to see lots of new pieces, but definitely more recycling.😊

What are your thoughts on this?


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