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Pastel Choices

Happy Monday everyone!

So hopefully everyone else’s Monday went smoothly too, I for one was absolutely dreading the first day back after Christmas! It’s actually great to get back in a routine again, and of course meet up with all the work gang and get all the Christmas news!

For anyone that still needs some cheering up, have a look at these beauties from Oasis.
I love them both. I just can’t choose!!

Help blue or pink?!




New Year, New Resolution

Happy New Year everyone!

I rang in 2015 in Dingle with my lovely husband and lots of our friends. It really seemed like the whole world was there, and a few famous faces too (I swear we weren’t stalking them!!). Dingle never disappoints, from the food, to the pubs, to the crowd, it’s always a great spot.

As for my resolutions… Well this year I am going to be 30, so I really want to just enjoy the last year of my 20s and have loads of laughs (they assure me that life doesn’t stop once you turn the big 3-0!!).
Last year we got married, so it was pretty hectic, so I am looking forward to this year being a little calmer…!
I also started blogging last year, it’s been a little nerve wracking as I really feel like I’ve got my heart on my sleeve, but I am really enjoying it, so I’m going to do lots more blogging too!

Finally, I’m going to lower my cholesterol….sad but true! 😂😂

I hope you had a great New Years, wherever you were.

Happy 2015 guys!!


New Year, Sale Shoe

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas, and are ready for New Years!

Have you got a suitably gorgeous pair of shoes for the big end of year night out?
Fear not, I have two suggestions for you that are both fab and won’t hurt your pocket too much.
Both are sale picks and both are Bershka.

These are gorgeous, I just bought a really similar pair, you can read about them here.
They will go with pretty much everything and I like that they are a little edgy. I wore them with a midi skirt. IMG_6460.JPGThey are €39.99 now!

These pair are an absolute bargain! Perfect for that really girly outfit, bit of sparkle too for the festive season.IMG_6459.JPGThey are down to €12.99!

Move quickly ladies as these are going to go fast!

Happy shopping xoxo

Cosy Christmas

Happy Sunday Ladies!

I hope you all had a great Black Friday Weekend!

Less than 4 weeks to go to Christmas! I cannot wait!! I absolutely adore Christmas. It is my favourite time of the year. I really do wish it could be Christmas every day, but my poor Credit Card will be delighted when it’s over!!

One of the girls asked me to do a post on long-sleeved dresses, so I decided to incorporate it into a Christmas Day wear post. Every year we struggle (well I do anyway) with what to wear on Christmas Day. It’s a day that you are spending with your nearest and dearest, and they will think you look great no matter what, but at the same time you want to look lovely as it is just such a fab day.

There are so many different family traditions from spending the day at home with just the family, visiting friends or even the Christmas Day swim, so while it’s important to look your best, your look also needs to be functional!!

I love jumper dresses at the moment. I got a fab one in Penneys a fewAnkle boots weeks ago, which I will be wearing on Christmas Day with tights and my much adored River Island ankle boots, similar to these, which you can buy here

Oasis has fab casual dresses at the moment; these are some that I love right now:


Textured Flippy Dress – €50 – buy here

Holly Heart Dress – €50 – buy here

Pair these beauties with ankle boots and tights!



If you are more partial to trousers for Christmas Day, what about these lovelies from River Island:

PicMonkey CollageBlack and White dog-tooth Cigarette Trousers €55 – buy here

Green Floral Print Cigarette Pants €60 – buy here

Pair these with a simple black top, a statement necklace and some ankle boots. You can also wear them out with a pretty top and some killer heels afterwards, or dress them down for a shopping trip/casual Friday with some cute flats.

Don’t forget, if you are leaving the house at all, it is an opportunity to showcase your fab winter coat. Need some coat inspiration? Check out my post on Winter Warmers.

Let me know via the comments below what you will be wearing on Christmas Day.

As always, happy shopping!